About TBP

Established in 2013, The Burlington Place is the business endeavor of Mike and Melissa Harrington.

The Burlington Place is located in the center of the Big Horn Basin in the town of Burlington, WY. Burlington is home to a whopping 288 fine folks with the surrounding farm lands bolstering the population another 500 or so. As a central point in the basin, The Burlington Place proudly meets the varying needs of the locals by providing cold beer, mixed drinks and home-made pizza!

Historically, The Burlington Place was first known as the Burlington State Bank yet the building has spent the majority of it’s nearly 100 years as the local watering hole. Stories shared over a cold one reveal that the old bank has not only served as a bar, but has also been a barbershop, brothel, restaurant and dance hall.

With such a varied and colorful history, owners Mike and Melissa look forward to putting The Place on the map by experimenting with wild and delicious pizza toppings as well as providing the Basin with a wide-selection of craft and domestic beers.